Hello, Windows Defender desactivated itself because it found you as antivirus, but sometimes both co-habit activated. Once I had to desactivate all antivirus and firewall for Windows update to work, but I didn't have that bug again.

I can't scan external memory drive like big Verbatim devices (disque dur externe) but default Windows Defender can. Is Windows Defender enough on them ? I hope in future upgrade, we can scan external memory devices.

From time to time I have an error messages saying my Spybot is on many computers but I only have 1 computer. I am ignoring message. But I'm not Windows 10 expert and I can't say what causes it, perhaps a redundancy in the file tree. Other computers at home don't use at all Spybot, they each have different software, some paid, but I don't know names, but it's not at all same trademark then mine.

I am in double boot with Ubuntu Linux, please do always keep Spybot safe for double boot since I know EXT4 partitions are sensitive, I can't defrag on Windows for exemple.