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Thread: All programs are slow to load

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    Default All programs are slow to load


    Bought the Spybot Professional edition version Spybotsd 2.8.68 earlier this week, downloaded, installed, ran updates, immunisation and scan. Found that live protection was off but this came on after a reboot (not sure if this was mentioned anywhere during installation).

    Now all my programs take a while to start and execute - one calls another program 33 times and so it halts for seconds each time that program is called. I can get around that as the called program only provides colour so only the initial load takes time. I assume that spybot is scanning each program as it is loaded - but why? If it was scanned and found safe in the system scan and its signature has not changed why is it being scanned again? Or is the signature check taking all those seconds?


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    This is on the Spybot FAQ page:

    Why is my PC running slow after installing Spybot?

    This could possibly be caused by Spybot's Live Protection.

    This scans all programs before they start to prevent any infections or threats from entering your system.

    The benefit of this is that it keeps your system free from malware and other harmful threats.

    The downside is that Live Protection must scan all processes to keep your PC clean.

    This can cause your PC to open programs much slower.

    Please see here for instructions to disable Live Protection.

    You must restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

    After your PC has restarted, Live Protection should now be disabled.

    If you have another AV program with real-time protection, you should disable either it or Spybot's Live Protection as running both at the same time can cause them to conflict with each other.

    Please see the following link which gives information running more than one AV program:

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