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    Default PU.Auslogics.BoostSpeed

    In my SpyBot scan, using version, PU.Auslogics.BoostSpeed turned up in the list of problems. Several registry entries and directories were listed to be removed.

    Auslogics BoostSpeed is a legitimate program which is used to scan, defrag and optimize disk drives and Internet services, among many other things. I initially did not notice this in the list, and when I "fixed" all problems, Auslogics vanished from my computer, and I had to get it back with System Restore.

    Please remove this program from your list of identified malware.

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    Hello Fawfulfan,

    thanks for your feedback!
    We have classified Auslogics BoostSpeed as PUPS and not as Malware. PUPS is Possible Unpopular Software and usually not dangerous. You can add the product to the ignore list (Settings -> Ignore Lists -> Products -> Add... -> PU.Auslogics.BoostSpeed) if you like it.
    There are a few reasons why we classified this as PUPS:
    • It even shows issues on a fresh windows installation
    • They hide the price of their product. A user has to register first to see the price. After a few minutes they also offer timely limited offers (e.g. 25% off for the next 15 minutes) to get a quick sale from an undecided person.

    We will keep an eye on it but won't remove the product for now.

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