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Thread: False positive Trojan in AVG dat file?

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    Default False positive Trojan in AVG dat file?

    Spybot v has been occasionally "finding" a Trojan, "Trojan.Heur.TP.bmW@bCZc7ih" in my AVG files, in the \AVG\Antivirus\defs\ subdirectory of the Program Files (x86) directory. This time it found 30 instances under the file name "gvma64.dat".

    I am assuming these are false positives, but would appreciate getting a more recent update from Spybot staff and/or other readers. I would not want to ignore a real problem.

    Thank you for any assistance.

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    Default updated info on false positive Trojan

    I am providing more background info and an update.

    The operating system is W10 64-bit, with all its updates.

    The "Trojan" reported by Spybot in multiple scheduled daily scans was never detected by Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2, nor by AVG 17.3.3011, both of which operate with automatic updating.

    This was also formally reported to Spybot staff. Approximately a week later there were no further "detections" in the daily scans (during the past few days).

    However, I have not heard back formally from Spybot staff.

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    The detection seems to have come from our antivirus engine (the name suggests that). So it was probably reported to the AV vendor and got fixed. Sorry for answering this late.

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