yeah it's running good. the issues may not have even been from turbo or the spoon thing, i just assumed they were because they showed up after the bsod and such. i live in a house with other people, but we all keep to ourselves. if im not here this and my other main computer are always locked and i dont share passwords. im hoping someone didnt somehow hack into it and try to put something on it, i just dont know. i would hope they werent those kinds of people, they seem cool.

i tried reading about the c++ things. it was beyond me. i read somewhere that i could just uninstall the past versions or the ones not in use. but, i have no idea which exactly are past ones other than the date listed and which are and are not still in use so, ill just leave them be. just odd that there are so many of them.

anyway, thank you for your help and if i have any other issues can i come back or is this a one time help thing?