ok im just confused. i dont know what to do or if i should do anything if the steps you stated didnt happen like that. at the end of the scan, the only thing that popped up was something asking if my previous virus protector let me down, whatever the thing was i just x'd out of it. nothing popped up before the scan asking if i wanted to scan for potentially unwanted programs so...i dont get what im doing wrong or if im missing another step or what.

other than what i just stated (the thing that asked if my previous virus protector let me down, im sure it was some form of advert for eek) nothing else popped up and this is the only thing that shows after the scan


i appreciate the help but im getting somewhat frustrated at the fact that i dont know what to do here. im being directed to do things i cant or steps that arent there to follow? i know you said it only pops up if it finds something but

1) never asked me to scan potentially unwated programs
2) in the event it doesnt find anything..what should i have done??? that was never stated
3) from the screenshot it appears to have found something? one thing i guess, so, why didnt the other steps you told me to follow appear? or is the ability to do so there but the directions not correct?

im sorry im just really really confused right now