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Thread: AV interferes with AVG

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    Default AV interferes with AVG


    I have paid for AVG Ultimate and Spybot Pro. However AVG goes all red and says there's already an Antivirus package on my laptop. Can I disable the AV part of Spybot?

    Also Ive just reinstalled Spybot and the amount of Live protection windows is getting REALLY annoying. Why are they there?


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    Hello darrylw99,

    Rule of thumb is one anti virus program resident to avoid conflicts, loss of program efficiency and system lock up due to both software products attempting to access the same files at the same time.

    Having more than one resident can cause system performance problems and a serious system slowdown.

    June 2nd, 2016

    "Several users have asked if it is possible to disable the antivirus component in paid editions of Spybot. This is not possible, but should not be necessary to fix any issues you may be experiencing with Spybot.

    Common Issues:

    1. Spybot conflicts with another antivirus program:
      • If you are using another antivirus program that contains Live Protection, Real-time Protection or some equivalent, this could be conflicting with Spybot’s Live Protection and causing your issue.
      • You can avoid this by disabling Live Protection on either Spybot or your other antivirus program."

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