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Thread: live protection gone crazy

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    Default live protection gone crazy

    Get home from work yesterday, fire up PC and spybot says my license has expired. OK, go through the whole process of paying and dling and all and now when I boot PC, it wants to scan every program running. I guess that's good but maybe it was in the background before, because I never saw this. There were 94 windows of that when I went to bed last night and the same 94 windows when I got up this morning. I fire up PC this afternoon and it got to 27 windows before I stopped it. Currently I have live protection disabled. Can anybody tell me how to proceed?


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    The only thing I can really think of to account for such a difference in behavior is if it is possible that before when Spybot wasn't scanning all programs running, is it possible it was set to Partial? That is explained here:

    Live Protection usually does scan every process and program before they start when it's enabled. That is it's normal behavior. However, yes, 94 windows does seem excessive, so it might be a good idea if you ask Spybot Support about that:

    Spybot does have immunization for protection. However, it's best to have some type of real-time protection running also, and you probably don't have any real-time protection running since you had to disable Live Protection. If your operating system includes Windows Defender, it might be easiest to temporarily turn on it's real-time protection while you wait for a reply from Spybot Support so you are protected in the meantime, if you like. There is an article on how to do that here:

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