Decided to post and ask for help. I'm unable to get rid of some malicious piece of code, that automatically opens up Chrome (default) browser and redirects to some gamerelasedate.info webpage. Before it goes there, a brief address of kb-ribaki.org flashes as well.

I have tried to remove any related entries with those keywords from registry and startup lists (using autoruns and system process explorer programs), but it keeps coming back.

I have a full Spybot licence, but the program doesn't seem to find anything. Can the developers find out about it and offer solutions?

It has been bugging around for some time already (a month or more). Doesn't seem to do much, but each time when restarting a PC, the default browser opens up (without asking) alongside with those webpages.

I don't know any other connection to those addresses (if there is some malware connected to it). That's all the info I have about them, but Googling brings up some results from other people who seem to have been wrestling with this issue as well.

Thank you!