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Thread: I've done the system scan.. now what?

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    Question I've done the system scan.. now what?

    So I have completed the system scan and it got rid of the adware on my computer
    (I know i was being an idiot to click the big green download button that was in russian, mind you)
    So thats all gone, but is it really gone? Did these files simply get quarantined after the scanning?

    What im saying is, are the files still there, just quarantined, or are they gone all together? Is there a way to check if so?

    Im asking this because i want to uninstall the software without the adware coming back, assuming that it is being deleted.

    Im not saying this is a bad program by any means, its just that i need to have it deleted for now, it was a one time thing for the slip up i had, and i likely will use it in the future if i have problems, but i jut need to know that. Thank you

    Please respond quickly,
    - Pentium

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    The files detected by Spybot should be in quarantine, almost all things removed with Spybot is backed up into quarantine in case of a false positive. It is safe to leave the files in quarantine, and the adware won't return as soon as you uninstall Spybot. If you uninstall Spybot, the quarantine folder will stay behind on your computer, unless you manually delete the quarantine folder yourself(or the files in it).

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