You're welcome. Okay, glad it's working in maximize.

Are you familiar with exporting a registry key from regedit? You might have done that before if you were making backups of registry keys,etc.

If you open System Scan in Maximize, and then rightclick the Restore Down button, does it still minimize back to the taskbar?

You could try a shortcut for System Scan and see if it will open in a Normal Window. It's just you'd be running System Scan on your desktop, and not running it through Spybot. I created a shortcut, I didn't run the full scan to the end, but everything seems okay with it. If you'd like to try that just for now, then you could try this:
Down where it says Type here to search, type in run, then select Run. Cut and paste in C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot - Search & Destroy 2 beside where it says 'open:' and click OK. Scroll through and find sdscan.exe. Rightclick sdscan.exe and select Create Shortcut. You should get a prompt that windows could not create a shortcut here, and it will ask if you want it placed on your desktop instead, say yes. Once SDScan.exe - Shortcut is on your desktop, rightclick the shortcut, select Properties, beside Run: select Normal Window, click Apply and OK. Once you exit properties click SDScan.exe - Shortcut. Does it open with a normal window or is it still minimized?