The following objects were not removed for your own safety. Removing these items bears an unusually high risk of crashing your operating system during automatic cleaning, as these threats are embedded deeply."
Failed to delete:
What this means, the application/s associated with what was found would no longer continue to work as expected if those files/folders were removed.

Since you need these and I think they are related to online shopping?, then I would leave them alone.

I think it's time to remove tools and quarantine folders.


  • Please download DelFix or from Here and save the file to your Desktop.
  • Double-click DelFix.exe to run the programme.
  • Place a checkmark next to the following items:
  • Activate UAC
  • Remove disinfection tools
  • Click the Run button.
  • -- This will remove the specialized tools we used to disinfect your system.
    Any leftover logs, files, folders or tools remaining on your Desktop which were not removed can be deleted manually (right-click the file + delete