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Thread: Password change requirement is annoying

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    Default Password change requirement is annoying

    I just logged on to ask a question about Spybot resetting my Recent Documents. I was already annoyed that it had done that and then I was required to change my password before I could proceed. I find the requirement that I change my password unnecessary, annoying, and at least a little arrogant. My password looks like this: Edit, it is generated by a password manager, and I never use the same password at more than one place. Can someone please tell me how I am safer by being required to change it?

    I probably wouldn't have a problem with a warning or a suggestion, but a requirement is parental and presumptuous. A better solution might be a user setting to change the password periodically if I could set it to OFF.
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    Hello AGBierce,

    Please use the Contact Us link (which is at the bottom of each page) to query this.

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