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Thread: Update error opens hundreds of windows

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    Default Update error opens hundreds of windows

    Hi guys-
    I just renewed my license for the home edition and once the programs was open, I selected the update icon under advanced tools.
    I left my machine for a while. When I came back there were hundreds of window open. An error dialog window the read ' update failed'. Then a window would open reading the the system was out of memory. This cycle would happen faster than I could close the windows. I had to restart my machine.
    This is the second time this has happened.
    Spybot seems to be functioning normally.

    Has anyone run across this sort of thing before
    -Thanks in advance-

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    Yes, I found a couple of posts on the forum where many, many windows opened when updating Spybot a few years back. Here is one of those threads:
    But those people weren't getting an update error message, they were getting a thread creation error:not enough storage command, and the out of memory didn't mention system, so it's possible your error is a little different. I found a few things online mentioning desktop heap when a lot of windows are opened, but from what I see that gives a "out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again." error message, which is different from your error.

    So, in light of that it might be best to follow this and if all the windows open again, continue to the end of the page, take the screenshot if you are able to with all the windows opening, and then use the link to contact Team Spybot:

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