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Thread: Quick list of useful Fixes / Tutorials

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    Default Quick list of useful Fixes / Tutorials

    Problem with the SpyBot TeaTimer prompt? look here:

    Need to know how to edit your Blacklist / Whitelist? :

    Not able to fully imunize? :

    Bad Checksum when downloading updates? :
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    Lightbulb Thanks

    Quick list of useful fixes = very handy

    Thanks Murdo!

    I've run the GUIPatch, don't know what the result is yet... haven't seen any more tea-timer prompts since.

    The reason why the forum link didn't work for me was because the file arrived with a .php extension instead of a .zip extension. Any ideas about that?

    As to the 'editing whitelist...' instructions:
    Thanks again, but, for me, the Registry Entries buttons are not visible until I re-size the window - i.e.: 'drag' the edge of it, to make it wider.

    Maybe it would be helpful to include some mention of this detail in those instructions.

    Hoping some of this feedback is some help,

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