Hi. I have the home version of Spybot. Always kept updated. A few months ago I went through the procedure to fix the 'Internet Protection' feature which was only indicating 'Partial'. Thanks to a thread for that fix. Over the past few months, I have noticed that when I do Immunization, which I do regularly, it is advising the next time that I have not used immunization in the past 10 days, when I have. In recent months, it is also not finding any new updates on checking for Immunization.

I have only just suffered the first infection for several years by a popup which glazes the screen, announces verbally that MS has detected an infection that may be affecting the network and my system has been frozen and that I should contact 1800 941 042 for help to fix the problem. The only way to be able to use the computer was to hard reset. This is obviously an infection of some sort. It occurred while going to 'Outlook.com' I am pondering if this has occurred because the immunization is not working correctly?

Could you advise what steps I might take to resolve the immunization problem and is the above problem something I can resolve with Spybot?