Hi all--I have Googled these processes and registry keys to death and I cannot get any results. I ran Microsoft Malicious Software tool, and while it showed I had 503 files infected, after the scan was over I was only able to "finish" the scan and not take action.

Mysteriously my Malware Bytes scan never finishes. I get some error that says Malwarebytes can't connect to the network and most recently, it states that I don't have enough memory.

I ran Super Anti-Spy and while I found some malware (tracking cookies to the tune of 4k), it didn't find anything else.

That brings me to my Spybot Run...Here are the results. The strings with "input" in them are especially alarming. I searched the forum earlier this morning and didn't find any results for the input strings. I also can't find anything about the exe files as they are showing on the screen (including the numbers in front and the colon).

Any help is appreciated.