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    Default Many clients detected

    I am experiencing a similar issue. I only have your software installed on 1 machine and it's saying that I have it installed on 3. I have a really small really really small. It's just me. I do make some money so I figured it was right to purchase the "corporate license". I really like your software, but it's offensive to accuse someone by telling me to "read the terms and conditions" when I paid for your software (well worth it btw). I feel like I'm being punished for going with the paid version. I checked the machines connected to my network and nothing looks strange. Do I need to worry about this? Is my software working correctly? Once again I really appreciate you guys, but it just seems rude to me.
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    Hello slightlyoffended,

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem, please open a support ticket here.

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    Default I'm not offended but I'm not a happy camper either!

    It is interesting to see others having problems with Tech Support. I have both an outstanding Ticket and a Failed Spotbot software package since 01-08-2018. I have no Live Protection and that is not a good thing. Everything else I tested works fine. I have purchased the Professional version of Spotbot. I would like my money back after all this time but SpyBot will just not return a response. A forum monitor intervened on my behalf and Tech Support simply said they are having email problems, they acknowledge the bug, and said wait. That response only came through the ticket response process because of a forum monitor intervening to help out. That was a week ago.

    It is my suspicion that SpyBot has lost a key player or players in their organization and no longer have the capability to support their product. It looks like their way of handling this problem is to ignore it and hope people will just go away. This is not a good business model and they should be suspending sales until they can get back on track. However it looks like money rules and that is the end of the story.

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