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Thread: Cortana Internet Search Issue

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    Exclamation Cortana Internet Search Issue

    Since installing Spybot I have had an issue with Cortana where whenever I ask it to search the internet it opens edge and in the search box says (or something similar);


    Is there a setting that I can disable to allow Cortana to search the internet as normal?

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    I found what appears to be two other people with a similar issue. The opening poster thought their issue might have happened after a windows update, though they weren't sure. Google translate on the poster in german seems to be saying theirs works on one account, but on the other there are no results when cortana searches on Bing for launchContext1 = (and the rest of the url, etc.)
    I couldn't find any more people with similar problems, though I might not be hitting the right search terms.
    My own Cortana has been annoyingly searching for some things on Bing that she used to just tell me recently, though that might be a totally unrelated issue, of course.

    Which version of Spybot do you have, and if applicable, is it the free, home, or professional version?

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