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Shes probably a volunteer
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From your active topic at TechNet:

I suspect they are malicious. I'm not nor have I ever been part of some Microsoft network, so these entries should not be there.

My router is compromised. My families computers and devices can connect to the router but cannot get on the internet. My ISP has no idea what is wrong. Never had this issue in 10 years. Computer settings have not changed. I am only able to access the internet via VPN. I'm curious if these persistentroute injections are part of this hacking I've been experiencing for the last few months.

Please list:

  • The operating system
  • Other security programs installed
  • All issues with the computer's performance, not the TCPIP registry entries.

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Combofix never removed them either; only backed them up!
Please see this sticky topic:

Also, is this a personal computer?

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From your TechNet topic.
I believe to have found the source of the problem. Seems these may have been added by the application ancile, which I did run on my pc; the same list was found here:
and they suggest adding those IPS to the routing table.
TechNet Responder:
Ok ancile is what is doing this; it blocks the same addresses in windows firewall, and the hosts file, then it adds them to the routing table in reverse; perhaps it is acting similar to a "hosts" file protecting the computer; or making the pc directly accessible to microsoft and other corporations (highly unlikely) https://voat.co/v/Ancile/1677949

Seeing that it blocks the ips via firewall & hosts, the routing table would have to be capable of bypassing these as well
Finally find the root cause, since the third-party software is out of our support scope, I really know less about Ancile.

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