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Thread: Someone Sent me a file and it downloaded this Virus I cant get rid of it

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    Post Someone Sent me a file and it downloaded this Virus I cant get rid of it

    Please help I have been unable to remove this RAT that the person installed on my computer, the rat came from Nanocore after I was able to weed it out of them.

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    Not good.

    remote access tool (RAT). Remove any remote access tools/software you have on the computer examples (VPN - TeamViewer - LogMeIn )

    From my point of view, even if the backdoor trojan is possibly gone?, it is impossible to say if the culprit that infected you did modifications to your system while it was under someone else's control, modifications that could have left another door open. Security experts recommend a nuke and pave (format and install). The choice is yours but, a computer hit with this type of infection cannot be trusted.

    I would change all your passwords (From a known clean computer) as NanoCore supports plugins such as keyloggers, stealers, etc. so your accounts are most likely compromised.

    What tools have you run to clean your computer?, and did you save any logs?
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