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Thread: what dose Imunizastion?

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    Default what dose Imunizastion?

    As in the title, i know it stops open sockets/browsers things or whatnot, Ive been a spy-bot users since 2005 but to this day i have NO IDEA what imunize does. can somebody tell me in vert simple terms, i will admit since i started using the software my hijacks have reduced by 99% so spybot does what it says, but i just would like to know in "idiot" terms what the immunize really does?

    if this has already been asked then direct me to the topic :D

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    Hello lilmilez1205.

    Immunization pro-actively prevents malware from attacking your system by blocking access to sites known to contain malicious or unwanted software, blocking cookies that have just tracking purposes, and blocking browser plugins that are malware or similar.

    Immunization supports, next to the Windows hosts file, many major and even more niche browsers including Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox, and many of the less common browsers based on Firefox.

    Paid editions can automatically update immunization after Spybot updates using a scheduled task, created upon installation and customizable using Settings.

    From the FAQ:

    Hope that helps.

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    Question Why does Spybot Immunization get undone every day, & what is Firefox Immunization?

    Quote Originally Posted by tashi View Post
    ...Immunization pro-actively prevents malware from attacking your system by...
    From the FAQ:
    Belated thanks - a long-standing FAQ of mine is answered!
    Quote Originally Posted by tashi View Post
    ...Immunization pro-actively prevents malware from attacking your system by...From the FAQ:
    Belated thanks - a long-standing FAQ of mine is answered! You should cc your answer to the echo chamber in the free Spybot Help/Immunization entry space.
    My Q1 - is similar: Why does Spybot's immunization get undone every day?
    I use Kaspersky Free in realtime, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript very strictly, & am very conservative in browsing. Nightly I run CCleaner, then Spybot update & Immunize. Nightly I get exactly this: 457,904 entries are immunized, but 47,167 are not. Then it's 20 min.+ to immunize them.--After which I run Spybot full sys scan.
    Why the same no. recurring nightly? What are these entries?
    If you're so inclined, questions multiply since viewing your Support landing pg., Under the Q: Why does Firefox immunization get undone frequently?
    My Q2: I don't have anything in Firefox called Immunization. What is the Firefox name for this function?
    Your support pg. goes on to say - Firefox Immunization works by adding negative permissions to your Firefox profile, which will effectively block elements.
    My Q3 - What are elements exactly, that FfI can/does block? Is there a Firefox name for "elements?"
    My Q3 - What's a Negative Permission?
    In fact, what are examples of what Spybot calls Firefox permissions in this context?
    I ask cos contrary to directions it goes on to give, quoted below, when I use CCleaner nightly I always have Firefox Site Prefs ticked, yet I never lose permish settings in the browser e.g. privacy settings; camera, mike, popup, notification, accessability permissions & more.
    It continues -
    Some registry cleaners are unable to distinguish bet. pos. & neg.permissions
    & will simply remove all permissions from your Firefox profile.
    Workaround for CCleaner
    On the Applications tab, in the Firefox section, make sure Site Preferences is unticked.

    Hope that all doesn't wear out my welcome, and you'll give me the benefit of your lucid prose.
    I only post once every couple of years- so I think it evens out. Perhaps others have these questions too. Thank you in advance.

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