I have used SPYBOT 2004-present. All I have ever done is monthly or when I think about it click the SYSTEM SCAN and leave it alone for a few hours....but not now...and I think is has to do with windows 10.

I thought the quick like a dinosaur response time was a result of too much data stored on this little computer but the other day I got this warning
warning screen shot.jpg

and then ....looks like two programs are running - they both say active - but the security center only shows defender with no way to turn it off and spybot on.

I am beyond frustrated...intermittent checks to task manger show system usage at 99% on hundreds of background applications running.

I don't want to start doing things I don't understand in a blind attempt to "fix" what I don't even know is broke.

sys security.jpg

I apologise if I am posting incorrectly - but I am more confused than ever after reading these thresad for the past few hours. Any assistance or guided direction is greatly appreciated!!