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  • Yes, detect NIS completely!

    222 67.27%
  • Yes, but detect only some harmless files to wake up people.

    26 7.88%
  • No, please waste our donations to go through legal channels, instead of using them to fight malware.

    8 2.42%
  • None of the above.

    74 22.42%
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Thread: Either Safer Networking Ltd. or Symantec leaving the Anti Spyware Coalition...

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    Default i am fed up

    After reading every post today i am all for option 1 again, i mean seriously i remember i forked out $100, hard to obtain dollars and i brought Norton Internet Security 2003 and i tried to install it brand new and it was corrupt and it wouldn't work and i opened it and couldn't get a refund. I lost $100 for no reason, i hate that memory.

    They break all the pc's i have seen as a computer guy, techy.
    And theya re spyware, put them in the list.
    King of zlobtrojan, virusburst, spyaxe, and elite bar infections.

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    The things is with all this is, does Sys have an ulterior motive and will make an offer for Spybot that can't be refused??

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    Thank you everyone for your great feedback and individual experiences!

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