As many have by now in some form or another encountered a Problem with Windows 10 version 1803 it should be no surprise how many forums exist about help required for a myriad of topics about it. My latest botch job has revealed that Microsoft & Google both while trying to fix compatibility issues EACH CREATED ANOTHER ISSUE!! Except now Google has a FINAL SOLUTION TO ALL INCOMPATIBILITIES
Google is preparing to roll out a new system in which any & all 3rd party programs ARE GOING TO BE BLOCKED!! This Means our Spy Bot & any other antimalware or other protection program is going to be BLOCKED!! My proof is in the screenshots taken not long ago after seeing that both Spy Bot & Malwarebytes both are INCOMPATIBILE TO THE POINT OF PREVENTING OF GOOGLE CHROME FROM WORKING PROPERLY!





This is the site where I got the information & you can see by the dates' IT IS ACCURATE & CURRENT!!
HTML Code:!topic/chrome/pTxH3Yu7XVc;context-place=topicsearchin/chrome/incompatible$20programs$20in$20chrome$20only