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    I just installed version think this is the version number), tried to update and received the following. Would someone explain how to "Schedule "SDWelcome.exe" for replacement on reboot. Thank whomever in advance. Biggles 924

    [00:00.000] [i] Update started...
    [00:00.005] [+] Updating Service is active.
    [00:00.009] [.] Trying to retrieve update info file from
    [00:00.464] [+] Retrieved update info file.
    [00:01.056] [.] Info file part done.
    [00:01.098] [+] SDWelcome.exe (version needs to be updated (to version
    [00:01.134] [.] Downloading updates...
    [00:01.141] [+] File "SDWelcome.exe" needs to be downloaded.
    [00:12.118] [+] Extracted "SDWelcome.exe-"!
    [00:12.125] [-] Error copying "SDWelcome.exe"!
    [00:12.129] [+] Scheduled "SDWelcome.exe" for replacement on reboot.
    [00:12.133] [+] All files have been processed.
    [00:12.141] [+] Installed 1 updates.

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    Sure, I'll explain.
    The logfile isn't indicating that you need to schedule sdwelcome for replacement on reboot yourself manually. Rather it is just informing you about what is happening. i.e. it is letting you know that there was an error copying sdwelcome.exe, so therefore it is letting you know that sdwelcome.exe is scheduled to be replaced on the next reboot automatically. So ordinarily a reboot of your computer is all that would be needed. However, people have reported here that the automatic replacement of sdwelcome.exe isn't working, so as a further step to get sdwelcome.exe updated I'll show you the explanation of what to do from directcurrent here:
    and also show you Exerciser's post because they included such concise instructions on what to do in their post:

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