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Thread: Issue With Start Center

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    Angry Issue With Start Center

    I used to open Spybot with a full page of all Spybot actions I could start.
    Now I get just this Start Page with only 3 actions, Scan, Immunization, and Update.

    I can't see3 how to start root scan and all other actions.

    I don't like this new change.

    Please send me detail instructions or tell me how to do all of the old Spybot functions.

    Better yet can I remove the Start Page and revert back to the old page with all function on it.

    Pleas help If I can't resolve I'll have to look at other options for me.
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    I looked through some of the settings and stuff, and there's no way to revert back to the original start page that I know about. But fortunately the page with Scan, Immunization, and Update is just an overview that is shown when you open Spybot at first. Down in the lower right corner you can click Show Details and that will show you the old start center page that used to be shown.

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