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Thread: Is live protection really on?

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    Default Is live protection really on?

    Hello everyone!
    I notice a message in my windows action center that says spybot is not on. I clicked it to start it and it attempts to but never come on. I checked with the spybot start center and it says live protection is on and enabled. However, every time i open something, i used to get a spybot scan bar in the bottom right, now i do not. Sometimes, before this problem started, i had to start live protection and a dialog box would come up and it would start. I dont know why it would just stop working.

    Anyone have this problem or any suggestions?

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    Try rightclicking the Spybot Start Center and selecting Run as Administrator. Click the live protection status in the start center to open Live Protection settings. Is there a checkmark beside Scan all programs before they start?

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