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Thread: How/Where do I download SpyBot Professional?

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    Default How/Where do I download SpyBot Professional?

    On the website I purchased SpyBot Professional and am having difficulty trying to find where to download this software.

    Somewhere it said to click on the "Start Center," which I do not see.

    Once I am on, what do I click on to locate a download link?


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    Hello SanDiegoSunriser,

    Sorry to hear, did you receive a purchase receipt with a spybot.exe link and the license key?

    Please see "How to activate my new Spybot License."

    Hope that helps.
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    I'm having the same problem and followed the above advice as the link in the email has expired.

    Downloaded free addition, followed the FAQ but there is no option to input the license.

    And I purchased after August 2018.

    Can you please supply a link to the professional addition??

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    If you run the update and let it download all available updates first, the option to enter the license will appear. Might require a restart unless you close Start Center while updating. Simply click on the "Free Edition" in Start Center, and the opening license dialog will have the button to enter the license key.

    You can also use
    To retrieve your key if it has gone missing along with the license installer.
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