My computer is for my use, personal use only, yet the settings keep changing, way too many user accts. for one person to have. I'm not able to save my own files in my computer. There are files that I'm not considered the administrator for and I am denied access to. Also, there is a folder with my name on it, yet the file folder in it says users share. I don't share. Is this normal? And can windows duplicate your Spybot protection. There used to be a few programs installed, they were named Spybot, Spybot 2, Spybot 3 and on... I noticed when I ran your program that it was going too fast through the files it was checking, and they seemed to be dummy programs, made to look like the real Spybot. Another thing, now that I have purchased the Home Edition of Spybot, why won't the Live Protection come up as an option, and the settings will only allow a scan to automatically run once a month? Can you help?