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Thread: Why does my computer keep making users accts. for everyone and trusted installer

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    Default Why does my computer keep making users accts. for everyone and trusted installer

    My computer is for my use, personal use only, yet the settings keep changing, way too many user accts. for one person to have. I'm not able to save my own files in my computer. There are files that I'm not considered the administrator for and I am denied access to. Also, there is a folder with my name on it, yet the file folder in it says users share. I don't share. Is this normal? And can windows duplicate your Spybot protection. There used to be a few programs installed, they were named Spybot, Spybot 2, Spybot 3 and on... I noticed when I ran your program that it was going too fast through the files it was checking, and they seemed to be dummy programs, made to look like the real Spybot. Another thing, now that I have purchased the Home Edition of Spybot, why won't the Live Protection come up as an option, and the settings will only allow a scan to automatically run once a month? Can you help?

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    Please see this article on how to enable live protection:

    For the scheduled scan, please go to the user FAQ under the heading of "Start Center & System Scan" then click on "How to schedule a System Scan?"

    For the Spybot, Spybot 2, Spybot 3 etc. that were installed before, did you ever have previous versions of Spybot installed prior to this? Had you ever had trouble when/if you had installed the prior Spybot and perhaps installed it more than once?
    For the scan, Spybot does show what is scanning for in the bottom window, and that can go by quite quickly.

    What operating system is on your computer? Also, do you know if the account you are on is an administrator or a local account?
    In what area of your computer are you seeing the other accounts?
    On Windows computers from Windows Vista on up to Windows 10 you will sometimes not have permission to open certain files, even if you are using an administrator account. Those types of files are typically system files and the like.
    What types of files are you unable to save? Is that all files, or only some of them, perhaps within the user account area or the like?
    Is the "Users Share" folder located within the Network folder in file explorer or perhaps windows explorer if you are not on windows 10?

    Also, are there any other things happening on your computer that do not seem normal?

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