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Thread: Cant get virus updates or scan my system

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    Unhappy Cant get virus updates or scan my system

    I just purchased spybot professional edition for my laptop. I use a metered internet connection. I get 1 gig of data from my cell phone provider each month. Additional data cost me $20.00 each gig.. That is very expensive for me, so I have limited internet use on my personal laptop. Therefore, I have to limit my use and use a computer lab--like I am now--provided by my landlord (this is not safe for certain uses, ie. sending personal data like credit cards, for example, over the net.) I am having trouble updating the anti-virus. I also am not able to do a system scan. When I click on the system scan button the program takes me to an update window, but for some reason I am unable to successfully update. How do I fix this, and how do I scan my computer for viruses, malware & spyware? Thank you for your time in this matter, and have a great day!


    P.S. I have a lot of experience with spybot search and destroy, but the last time I used it was 4 years ago. I notice that there are a lot of changes to the program. I was an advanced user at that time, but now I am having a difficult time figuring the program out.
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    You won't be able to perform a system scan until you have updated Spybot. There are manual updates available for antispyware but unfortunately there are no manual updates available to update antivirus definitions. Therefore you might want to report the problems updating. Please see this from the FAQ page on how to report a problem with updating:

    How to report a problem?

    If you are unable to find a solution for your problem, please let us know. Please let us know each detail that will help us to reproduce your issue. That is e.g. a screenshot of the window showing the problem and any other error messages you receive. Also let us know what you have done before the message appeared, e.g. what you have clicked.

    All this send to Team Spybot by using the link below to the Request Support page:

    See the following link for more information on how to take a screenshot:

    It is recommended not to send photos made using a mobile phone. Only screenshots please.
    You could also mention your metered connection and inquire to the size of the updates if you are not using the computer lab when first updating successfully. The antivirus updates do update a couple of times a day, so perhaps you could inquire if it is viable to turn off automatic updates if you need to if that might help cut down data costs. hth.

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