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Thread: Require Pro Advice - rootkit scan

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    Default Require Pro Advice - rootkit scan


    It's my first time using SSD, I'm a bit overwhelmed with the results from a rootkit scan. I have more than 80-100 files, all red flagged. The files are a lot of png, gif, txt, xaml, dll... they are all over the place. One shared commonality is their location. They all seem to reside in the C:\Windows.old\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\.... Also, there are about 10-15 Windows Reg objects that show up.

    Is there anyone with an IT background here, that can assist me? I need to find a fast and efficient means of screening these results.
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    Thank you.

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    Hello Anton76444,

    Please see other topics in this RootAlyzer forum and produce a log.

    Best regards.
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