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Thread: Please hurry against the Fake Activation Windows virus

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    Default Please hurry against the Fake Activation Windows virus


    I either have Activate Windows virus, it infects when it disable both Spybot and Windows Defender, either Windows has a corruption somewhere in his database, no idea if user side or server side.

    My Windows 10 OEM is more then 5 years old, so no reason for it to be not real. Was an Windows 8.1 Upgrade.

    The virus is known to lock screen and to ask buying a fake new key.

    I decided to stay with my Windows, as here in France the pro licence has too high price, and I prefer spending my money in things I need, mostly studies and health. I'll buy the official one at Windows Official Website later.

    Many months that I have this issue that comes back 5/7 days, and today, Windows is taking time to check my licence :/

    It says it couldn't communicate with Windows Activation Server. And I am on Wifi. Thanks =)

    I think I will save all and maybe order Linux just in case.

    Thank you very much =)
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