I did post here for not to say I did not warn Windows. Activate Windows hides a Ransomware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did try to phone them once but somehow, cellphone not linked to the computer neither to the phone line in the computer had noise put by Ransomware in it so I couldn't tell Windows, but I did tell Windows users haha =)

OK, I explain, sadness and too much emotions like that make me smile, something is wrong with me, I think I can win it, but my smile hides lots lots of fright as before yesterday I did have too much high tension because of issue and I could not sleep, and maybe it was due to my throad pharynx, but was surely issue, I felt I was going to die, so I did sleep on my back, OK should be on my left, but was if there was something in my blood, maybe too much salt, or maybe I am getting in panic and was just a very bad reaction to humidity and to the fact I don't like travelling although I adore visiting new towns.

Anyway, I'm looking for help. And no idea if I will stop using Windows after that for not to loose nothing, and if Ubuntu Linux Studio is safe or should I go to an unknown OS and system that won't work at all and won't have GIMP and nothing usefull and that won't recognize none of my devices ?