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Thread: SPYBOT Home Edition 2.7 (licensed), Windows 10 - all up-to-date.

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    Default SPYBOT Home Edition 2.7 (licensed), Windows 10 - all up-to-date.

    My monthly scans have been running normally, but this one has given a message window about Bit Defender Threat Scanner problem. I could not clear this window, and it prevented me from fixing the scan's listed problems. Was able to close Spybot eventually by using Task Manager. When I opened Spybot again it did not recognise that I had run a scan. And I got another message: Runtime Error 216 at 3A9055AA.

    No mention of Bit Defender in your FAQ's. Google search mentioned some instances, and suggested, for the Free Edition, a re-install of Spybot.
    Should I also consider a re-install?

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    Is it the Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp message shown on this page?:
    If so, the page is saying to download Spybot 2.7. Since I see you already have that version of Spybot, then it is probably best if you get help from Spybot support.
    You can use the contact form here.

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