I got a flurry of pop-up messages saying that there was a Runtime error 217 at 004DA2B1. Sometimes after clicking on the Ok button or clicking on the X on the upper right of the pop-up message box, I would sometimes see a new pop-up box displaying the same error message. Each time I clicked on it (or when a new pop-up occurred), I would see the Start Center Spybot icon on my Windows 10 Taskbar flash or blink - so I knew the error was occuring in the Spybot software. I have a paid edition of the home Spybot +AV with Live Protection currently enabled. Also just prior to having this occurrence, I was downloading a new update to the Malwarebytes AdwCleaner (7.2.5) which I had been using (scanning) my computer.

The problem seemed to go away after restarting my PC.

Additional details:
Spybot version
Start Center
Windows 10 Home version 1803
Additionally, I have Trend Micro Internet Security (version: 15.0.1212) as my main AV software through the Geek Squad (Best Buy) yearly subscription service.