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Thread: Spybot interferes with File explorer

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    Default Spybot interferes with File explorer

    Ok so confirmed after multiple tries.

    Whenever I install Win7, then run spybot, it interferes with exploring the directories.

    You know when you are going through the folder trees on the left hand side? And you can click on them and all that?
    If I try to RIGHT click to change properties/rename or whatever on them, while in that left most tree window, it crashes the whole thing.

    If I try to do the same thing but in the right most window I can still manipulate the properties, rename, whatever.

    What is going on? This is the 5th time it's happened so I know it's because SD is getting rid of some sort of windows file.
    This last time I had thought I had unticked anything remotely resembling any sort of win7 file that got flagged for removal but to no avail.

    What do forum goers?

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    You coud ask Spybot support about that, using this form:

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