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Thread: A New Malware Threat? Called "Pronigtod," I Think...

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    Default A New Malware Threat? Called "Pronigtod," I Think...

    Good morning/afternoon/evening (depending on your time of day):

    Yesterday I began to notice in my Google Chrome browser a certain slowing down of the mouse when opening new pages; you know, that feeling that the mouse is dragging. Furthermore, I also notice certain web pages opening when I clicked on links or even accidentally just clicking on random points of the page.

    The pages that opened were all related to this one site, EDIT which, despite the URL, is actually operated from an ISP in Phoenix, Arizona. He or she has 128 different domains registered, and I blocked them all in Google Chrome, but it was no good. Sometimes the tab opens so quickly and closes again that I have no chance of identifying the URL. It's definitely adware because later on I was treated to some advertising I had no interest in or came from a click on a link in YouTube, for example.

    I have used Spybot, Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essentials and ZoneAlarm and none of them have picked up any underlying or potential threat. Google produces 20 hits, all related to domain name registry pages - in other words, there is no mention of this or similar URLs in any forum, or blog, or any other site that I know of and I thought, typical, the problem I have is completely unique and I am not able to find any help for it.

    I just wonder if anyone here has heard of it, or similar, and have any suggestions for solutions to this problem?

    I will be most grateful for any assistance that could be provided. I will do anything I can to help someone in return.

    Stephen Butler (UK)
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