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Thread: Just a file to check is there is ransomware activation inside

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    Exclamation Just a file to check is there is ransomware activation inside

    Hello, this topic is linked to this one,

    I am no more in Windows although I had bought it, I switched to Linux. So no need doing virus search.

    It is just:
    a) To share the suspected file I told you about:


    Admin Edit
    Please do not attach potential malware!

    This file is mine, I don't remember having saved it, but I remember having created it so to print internet pics to draw them. So I used odt instead of docx.

    I am tired to write now.

    It says it wants to write something I didn't ask for in my external drive, not to disconnect it, I hope it didn't write nothing. File is from there. Important data saving.

    And there is also this link that did appear in my history search:
    hiring process - Should I keep asking candidates to include a specific word to filter out candidates who didn't pay attention to the job ad? - The Workplace Stack Exchange

    I won't put link, but it's the hacker usual poem. He just says he is the same then the one who send me the fake ads. I don't believe it. I do search everything with my paranormal powers, and although I don't see people, no small bit of place looks the same.

    I have no idea if there is a malware inside this file, but many things did gave suspicion, as you can't zip it and hex has infinite loop although it's very short.

    So I am tired, I let you with that.

    Oh yes Windows was saying this file was a system file important for it to work, and I would have errors if I delete it permanently from garbage. So I did went check garbage and this file did disappear and I got this ransomware suspicion.

    I am no more in Windows anyway.

    I won't solve better this issue anyway =)

    Don't open it with Windows as it could disappear :/

    I'm sorry I'm tired, have a good new year =) And thank you very much on your past help on Windows.
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