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Thread: Does Ignore on scan result entries work?

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    Default Does Ignore on scan result entries work?

    I am running Spybot Portable Version Scanner

    If there is current information about how to use Spybot 2.x I would appreciate being advised because I have found no information at to help me on how to Ignore or Whitelist or....

    I have been relying on tutorials written for older versions, and am finding the content either misleading or invalid.

    At is given the advice of "Maybe you don’t want your list of most recently used Word documents removed? At this point you have three options....if you want to just keep all tracks from a specific product, just right-click a product in the results list and choose the corresponding option."

    This has been used to retain 'Recent file...' and 'Browser: History' but nothing changes. Every time I do a scan the Ignored entries appear all over again in the list and I have to untick them. It is very wearing to do a scan and have to repeat the exercise of unticking the entries I do not want to have removed.

    The alternative to "open the File sets page on the Settings section of the program, and disable the Usage tracks entries." works, but that is like using a shotgun when all I need is a rifle.

    I have checked the directory, and it shows only zero-length files.

    dir "C:\ProgramData\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Ignore"
    0 Filesets.sbe
    0 Products.sbe
    0 Results.sbe

    To be specific, this is what I do every time:

    Right click 'Recent file..' entries, and choose 'Ignore selected item in the future'
    Choose Fix selected
    Close Spybot

    If I open Spybot immediately and re-scan, all of the entries which I had marked to Ignore appear in the list.

    Is Ignore yet another function that supposedly exists in Spybot but doesn't?

    That was my experience with whitelisting which says at that I "have the option to create a whitelist. This is a list of programs that are known to be safe. This will speed up the scanning process as these files will not be scanned in the future unless they have been altered in some way." It goes on to say that this is done by running SDPrepPos.exe, which prompts me to create a whitelist BUT it only gives me the choice of whitelisting a drive.

    Whitelisting drives is useless to someone who wants to whitelist only trusted programs.

    Similarly, advice from 2014 at says "Open Spybot Start Center,place a checkmark in Advanced User Mode,click Settings(if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7,say yes to the prompt from User Account Control.),click the Ignore List tab,click the Add...button,and in the space at the top,type in Cookie,then select Cookie below,press Ok,and after you see Cookie added to the Ignore List,press Apply and Ok."

    And again, advice from 2013 at tells me how to remove items from the Ignore list by opening "Spybot-S&D Start Center, checkmark Advanced User Mode, click Settings(say Yes to the prompt from UAC, if applicable), go to the Ignore Lists tab. Anything you've rightclicked to be ignored is probably under the Items tab, though you can look at the Programs tab, too, to be sure. Click your mouse on anything you'd like not to be ignored anymore, hit the Remove button. When you're done removing everything you don't want in there, click Apply and then Ok"

    There is no Advanced User Mode on my Start Center.

    Am I encountering the above issues because I am using the Portable version of Spybot or are they issues because Spybot 2.7 no longer has these capabilities?


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    I tried rightclicking to Ignore after a scan on a non-portable Spybot, and it didn't appear to work. I tried ignoring this usage track:
    MS DirectInput: [SBI $9A063C91] Most recent application (Registry Change, nothing done)
    It didn't appear in the ignore Items section of Ignore in Settings, though I was able to add different Products to be ignored while I was in the Ignore section.

    As for Advanced User Mode in the Start Center, that may not appear if Spybot is in Overview. If you click Show details, Advanced User Mode should appear towards the bottom, with a checkbox you can checkmark. I believe it should be in the portable version as well.

    I did try a couple of things with rightclick and Ignore, such as putting it in ignore and then rebooting and trying again, and nothing seems to work. I tried to check to see if it's not some small detail I'm missing, but nope, not that I can see. In that case, it might be best if you asked Spybot support about it. There's a contact form you can use here:

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