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Thread: Your license is broken please reinstall it.

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    Default Your license is broken please reinstall it.

    WTF? Just bought the pro version of spybot anti beacon only to have it say your license is broken please reinstall it? It's a license... you type it not reinstall it. I re entered it multiple times, re opened the software multiple times, and now reinstalled the client from my email receipt multiple times. I'd like a refund if this program doesn't work.

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    Hello CJFates,

    Very sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing, please contact support here.

    Best regards,

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    Hi I don't mean to necro, but I get the exact same problem. Just bought Anti Beacon Premium and I get "Your license is broken, please reinstall it". There is nothing online about this problem exept this thread . Thank you for your help!

    EDIT:I've seen in some other post that I should maybe wait a while for it to fix itself, I'll keep you guys updated

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