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The FileAlyzer product page (https://www.safer-networking.org/products/filealyzer/) advertises lots of functionality (some of which seem to be relatively new features) and an updated user interface. From the screenshots, it is clear that the latest version of FileAlyzer is at least At the bottom of the page, download links are provided which appear to offer downloads for separate standard and portable installers for FileAlyzer with the above mentioned features. At the same area of the page there is an opportunity to donate money in appreciation of this (seemingly free) software. However, both download links direct to https://download.spybot.info/FileAlyzer/. The most recent version of FileAlyzer available on this page is from the year 2011. There are no portable versions, and no versions which offer the advertised functionality.

Looking at the comparison chart (https://www.safer-networking.org/com...ybot-editions/) for Spybot, it appears the only package which comes with FileAlyzer is the most expensive "Technician's" version of the Business Edition, which apparently "cannot be left installed" (source: https://www.safer-networking.org/).

Is this intentional? If so, why advertise a new version and different types of installers for a product that isn't available for download? Why ask for a donation for such a product if it is only available bundled with your most expensive software package?

What the FileAlyzer download page looks like to me: