I ran spybot a while back to try to clean up some potential bad crap on my computer. Ever since I ran immunization and a scan, my bank website refuses to save my login. To be clear, I do NOT use the browsers save login feature. Things I have tried: undid immunization, restored blocked cookies to all profiles, restored firefox's cookie behavior command to 0 (default) and then I cleared browser cache and restarted. sometimes I need to log into my bank a dozen times a day, it's really f**king annoying to have to type in my entire 16 digit account number and then my super overly complicated password on top of that every time I need to log in. I want to uninstall spybot as I have no need for it any longer, but not before I can restore my settings. I have used this program off and on for like 15 years and it has never caused me this much frustration, I feel like the restoring cookie profiles feature is just plain not working.