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    Exclamation Start a scan button

    Can we have this moved, or disabled after a scan is complete? I don't know why, but several times, while not paying close attention, I have clicked on that, instead of fix selected problems. So this just starts the scan over. At least have an applet pop up that asks if we are sure. Frankly, I don't see the need for it, once a scan has been started. Why would anyone want to run a scan again, right after completing one? Yeah yeah, I know...just pay closer attention...but the fact that this has happened several times, recently, tells me there is something about it being there that is a problem.

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    Thank you for your feedback. I will bring this to attention.

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    I must admit I'm split here... during testing, both software and signatures, we often re-scan right away, so disabling the Start button after a scan feels unproductive.

    During most dialogs, Yes and No buttons are next to each other and are also contradicting choices. I remember the annoyance of many programs not following the standard, so Yes and No are swapped sometimes, which can create issues.

    The idea of a confirmation dialog - if the list contains previous scan results - sounds quite good to me, I'll see if we can still squeeze this into 2.8.
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