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Thread: Bought Pro edition and 'Renew" License is ONLY option

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    Exclamation Bought Pro edition and 'Renew" License is ONLY option

    Bought Pro edition and could only download Free Ed. 'Renew" License is ONLY option available hwen I follow directions from this forum. I have two (2) pc's and they are never connected nor online at the same time. Rather worn out from continued effort to make this software work. Could you please email me when you have your product fixed.

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    Hello Lordnosed,

    Sorry to hear. To clarify, did you follow this advice from the sticky:

    Quote Originally Posted by PepiMK View Post
    If you run the update and let it download all available updates first, the option to enter the license will appear. Might require a restart unless you close Start Center while updating. Simply click on the "Free Edition" in Start Center, and the opening license dialog will have the button to enter the license key.
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    Default to clarify:

    To clarify, I had followed the directions from this post. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on an asus laptop circa 2009; I run the task manager constantly to ascertain the processes running. I manually inserted the SDWelcome file to the Spybot root to get your software to work on the laptop. At least I think that's what I did. 'Twas a while back.
    I strive really, with much perseverance, not to be critical, so when you asked me to clarify what I had already told you, I was miffed. Since you never reached out to email me, then I guess your software is stuck. I would help if I could. I mean you've helped me enough times over the last twenty (20) years with your free version, that I was happy to send some dough with hopes that you would carry on your work in helping others. "I would help if I could" means I'm holding onto hope that I might still see some progress from your products rather than running to install something else.
    -You talk of other tools that wrap with the Pro version and I don't see them.
    -After a system scan the SDscan.exe doesn't let go from the taskmanager processes.
    - I just did a scan on the desktop pc and clicking to start a system scan did NOT result in a new window opening to show a scan in progress. Mebbe this is a change you've made, but I clicked again for that new window result, and it was only by observing the processes in task manager did I see many running. I must have clicked on it many times. Six processes, so I closed them all and started over; and got the new window only by clicking on Immunization, but not starting the Immunization tool.
    - Although I've reviewed what msdn explains that the dllHost.exe does in handling code that explorer won't for outside processes, it seems to show up when the system is idle or when a browser Hangs, and Maybe some task is scheduled that I haven't located, but WmiPrvSE.exe is usually there at the same time, and sometime as a system service and a NETWORK service (so it shows up as two different processes). I pull my www connection to stop the hang.
    Where I'm at here is there is not a lot I can do to figure this all out anymore. "Trusted Installer" seems to be the name Microsoft uses for the update installer, but I don't like that it shows up as a User in the Security properties of some processes. Mebbe that is because for every Windows OS I've owned for personal use, Microsoft has married it with a Network or Server version, which to my way of thinking has to make it easy for black hats to hack Home editions without the home users having the tools to protect their system, unless they found out about the stand-alone software that they could download and try to learn how to use. I've run on instinct for most of my sorry frustration of muddling through. I did use to read a lot about how code worked, what to look for in the registry, symptoms of "strange behaviour" at sites like yours, Kapersky (who used to have a wonderful online free-reading library) thousands of hours at Microsoft ( I was hacked once by Microsoft when they thought I was using Bandit software, from Kazazaa or Kazaa , and when I proved to them my software was licensed they opened up their library to me for six months where I could always have 3 books on my shelf)sorta cool. Geeks, Motherboards, Symantec, McAffee, and basically anywhere I could find info, but I know that some things work on these radioes we call computers that aren't revealed to the public. I think mebbe it is too late for me to learn code. I even struggle with HijackThis. A pal taught me how to build these things when we all of us mebbe were on dial-up and Mafia Boy gave his site a 4 star rating and ZDNet only gave a 3 star cause they broke their own rules and went in the back door. Greenpeace complained when we borrowed a water tile from them, and sent us one with a dead fish so we animated the fish and sent their tile back to them. We were just tryin' to animate water. Jasc gave us a free picture program when most folks couldn't afford one. It was their try at beating Adobe for the picture programming supremacy or market share, and WinAmp gave us radio as did RealPlayer and others. Wasn't that a race for market share. I think I still have the 3014.a codec (or mebbe it was the .c version that got the ball rolling, and it didn't belong to the biggest kid on the block who ended up with the Market share) somewhere here in my library, but mebbe only Nero could read it.
    I usually used your Beta version cause it was fast. A great tool folks. Thank you, and thank you for that opt-in choice. No, I am not drunk or high here. A bit weary yup, but never seeming to have the time it takes to follow up on pc concerns. Mebbe you'll post this, mebbe not as too wordy, or nerdy. I just want you to recognize that I do know somewhat about what I am doing with these wee machines.
    So last thing I notice is my mouse is wonky. I can't seem to keep the setting on slow clicks, and I now have a bit of a tail on it to keep it slow and that helps. I seem to remember back in the day when cd players got a virus, and if you didn't have a floppy drive you were hooped, there was a thing with the mouse driver too, but the problem was the driver would disappear. Yeah, I have a lot of wires here that may be interfering, and it is connected by usb, but it is more than that.
    The best fix would be to wipe the drive and start over, but, I'm not gonna do that.Other than my start with dos on 386's, I used 98se, then skipped millenium, 2000, and took on XP I got attacked by a driveby website where my shortcuts got removed, and I never found that fix, and some other stuff started buggin' me so I crippled the system by cuttin' back on the system libraries available to run the machine. That stopped the annoyances dead, and while updates were very interesting, the machine worked well online 'til a couple years before the expiry date. I have mebbe 30 gbs of text files on "annoyances" and solutions, and always thought I'd figure out the answers. I coulda woulda shoulda dual booted linux or slaved a second hard drive but where's the fun in that. I fixed lots of millenials, some 2000's mostly networked pcs, and Vistas too, they were ok. I went to Win 7 pro 64 and not to Win 10 'cause it support my printer and other hardware. I drive a thirty year old car. It's made of steel. It looks nice, shiny with lots of chrome. The motor isn't so large; it is economical to operate and with 140 thousand clicks, it's like brand new. Insurance will only give me $3500 for it. It's worth $35000. Seats six, I could sleep in the trunk and it pulls my boat well. Yeah my boat is made outa wood. I have ta soak it in the lake for three days before it's waterproof, but it's safe in a storm, it's got a shallow draft and I can fix it myself.
    Oh yeah, and I uninstalled "Smartlogon" which kept appearing in Task Mgr when the system was idle. I'm using Firefox now, pretty happy with the change, and DuckDuckGo for a search/home page.
    I went to login to FaceBook yesterday and got a different page, so I never used it. I went and found a text on my system where I had copy/pasted some info, and of course I had the url (cause I always note the url to avoid plagiarism) url you know hyper text transfer protocol secure colon double forward slash world wide web dot facebook dot com forward slash (whatever). Google had the same issue six months ago.
    So I hope this helps you, and if the symptoms ring a bell, I'd appreciate a word, on here, and I'll come back sooner and look.
    Best regards, L

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