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Thread: SDScan.exe continues to run in background after scan window is closed

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    Question SDScan.exe continues to run in background after scan window is closed

    Hello, I've been having problems with the system scan not running when I have scheduled it to do so. When I investigated what could've been happening, I discovered that there were multiple instances of SDScan.exe open in task manager. By ending the tasks I was able to get the system scan to open again, but closing it resulted in the same issue. I've tried running it as an administrator, as well as recreating the scheduled scan task in the settings to no success. I haven't touched any of the schedule settings aside from making sure the task is started with the highest privileges.

    In addition to this, I'm also unsure if the definition update task is working properly. I've scheduled it to run every night, and the start center reports that it is indeed running when it is supposed to. However, on the occasion that I decide to run it myself it'll end up downloading several anti-virus definitions, leading me to believe that maybe there's a chance it's not actually performing these updates by itself.

    The version I'm using is Spybot + AV 2.7 Home Edition. If anybody has any fixes or troubleshooting tips for these issues, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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    I went into my own task scheduler and enabled my scheduled task to run the scheduled scan. The task was set to my own account on my computer I'm using now. However, I believe I did that myself when I was checking it out for someone asking questions on here before and it usually is set to use the System account. I set it to highest privileges and ran the scan. Several times I ran the task. At first I had a Error Value: 2147943726 in History(I enabled it so I could see errors), so I changed to using the System account. That resulted in the task saying it was running when I ran it, but nothing was visibly happening, the system scan didn't appear to be running and no scan appeared in task manager. When I told task scheduler to display all running tasks, it just showed the task running for about 5 seconds, and then 14 seconds thereafter. So I switched back to my user account and ran the task, and that resulted in the Spybot scan window appearing, but the scan was not running. I don't think I did anything different. I checked and I had not removed the /scan /cleanclose arguments. So when the task is launched, the Action is to Start a Program, which when Spybot scan window opens is happening, but in my instance the arguments don't appear to be happening. i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot - Search & Destroy 2\SDScan.exe" /scan /cleanclose
    I don't believe I modified those in the past, though I'm not 100% certain. I wonder if you had multiple instances of SDScan.exe in task manager if you also are having something similar happening. Though my scan window did appear. Yours might not perhaps if it is set to hidden, or perhaps if System is the account it is set to, though I'm not sure on that. Instead of changing things around in task scheduler, you might be better off asking Team Spybot about it, as my scheduled task has been messed around with by me repeatedly, and they would know how it ought to be from the beginning.

    As for the Update scheduled scan, I'm unsure on that so you could ask about that also. There is a support form you can fill out here:

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