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Thread: Product Key Entry (not showing after Update)

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    Default Product Key Entry (not showing after Update)

    Several months ago I purchased (against everyone's advice) a personal license for anti-virus etc.
    Attempting to reinstall after a windows reinstall and C:/ wipe.
    Downloaded the Free version of Spybot2.
    It's not hard to find where the field SHOULD be. Everything I've read/heard tells me that my "Spybot requires updating". Well how do I do that? I found some shady second-hand places to get "manual updaters" but even they don't show the field where I can put my number in.

    Help me admins, you're my only hope! @^_^@

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    I presume you have the latest version of Spybot since you just redownloaded the free version. The latest version of Spybot is 2.7. I just want to make sure we're talking about the same kind of updates.

    There's a video showing how to update the antispyware definition updates on youtube that you can watch:

    After you update, that should give you the field where you can put your number in. Please see here:

    If you don't get that field after updating, then there is a link in the above post you can click on for lost licenses.

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