Hello, could you please put an option to:
- allow software installation to create files and folders ?
- allow easy temporary deactivation of Spybot (the tutorial can't be understood) ?
Because I can't check all the options of Paint Shop Ultimate 2018 installation that comes with trials and gifts that adds picture folders. (Even thought that one comes with less gifts than mine because I lost mine. But no problem since I hadn't understood past gift.)
And later I'll have to install again all my other programs and most of them also do create folders and documents.

Windows 10 May 2019 has now set an error code to those as in past I did spam them a lot with this installation error: Error code 1317

The only thing I did in Windows was:
Windows Security - Virus & Threat protection - Virus & Threat protection - Exclusions - Add

And Franc was found to be normal as windows truncate first name to the 56 first letters for everyone except if you use Windows as local.

Thank you very much,