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    Default tracking cookies

    After scanning 72 tracking cookies and couple other things showed classed as minimal threats do I really need to remove all these and will removing them delete my my saved auto logins with user name and passwords?

    Advice appreciated-have been using spybot for years and have donated many times.

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    The tracking cookies are most likely third party cookies and mostly should not affect your auto-logins.

    Here's a tracking cookie definition from PC Magazine:

    However, if Spybot is also searching for usage tracks, then it will also be searching for ordinary cookies as well, and if you fix the cookies entry after a Spybot scan, that most likely will delete some or most of your auto-logins with User Name and Password.

    If you'd like to avoid that, you can uncheck anything in the scan after it runs that is under the heading of Cookie. It will look like this: Browser: Cookie, then the number of cookies will be named beside it in brackets. Tracking cookies should be shown separate from those.

    Or if you'd like you can choose not to scan for usage tracks at all. To do that rightclick the Spybot Start Center, select Run As Administator, then in the lower corner click Show Details, checkmark Advanced User Mode, click Settings, go to the Categories tab, rightclick somewhere in the window and select Spyware scan only, then click Apply and OK.

    Hope that helps.

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